by Martti Rytkönen

”To go from glass to carpets is a great challenge – same thoughts and ideas, but completely new materials and a whole new world of possibilities to explore. Ovalen’s tranquil strength and the tone of the colors have moved from the glass over to the soft and sensual feel of the carpet under my feet.”

Carpet ID:CVD8249
Manufacturing:Knotted by hand
Size:195x280 (6′5″x9′2″ ft) *
Thickness approx:13 mm
Knot density:approx 70 000 - 90 000 knots per m²
 Information about knot density…

Available sizes:

195x280 (limited: 20 pcs), 155x220 (limited: 40 pcs), 135x190 (limited: 40 pcs), 100x140 (limited: 50 pcs)